How Can I Invite Paul to My Town?

A lot of people ask, “How can I bring Paul to my town for a weekend workshop?” Here are the basic parameters for what’s needed:

• Attendance: We like to know that we can get a minimum of 50 people signed up to make the workshop run.

• Local Leader: The most important part of a successful workshop is having a motivated “Local Leader” on the ground who is familiar and passionate about Paul’s work, who can help out in the following ways in exchange for comp admission to the workshop:

• Spread the word in the community by word of mouth, social media, posting flyers, forming a book study group, etc.

• Provide local wisdom about bookstores, local publications, local websites, email lists and other appropriate hubs that may be able to offer promotional help.

• Arrive early each day of the workshop to set up the workshop room and help break it down (as needed) at the end of each day.

• Run registration/check-in on the first day of the workshop.

• Provide ground transportation (or find someone else reliable who can) for Paul between the airport, hotel and workshop space.

• The Space:

• We need a room large enough to fit 50-100 people; generally we like to have at least 1,500 square feet, if possible.

• It’s important that the room has windows as well as a light source other than fluorescent lighting. If the lights can be on dimmers, even better.

• It’s also important that the room will be generally quiet, without competing/noisy events happening in adjacent rooms.

• Chairs need to be available for our use.

• We like to see to see a couple of photos of the space in advance if possible.

• Registration Fee: Paul generally charges about $350 for a weekend workshop (with a reduced rate of $295 if people sign up early). Payments are accepted via credit card at Paul’s website.

• The Format: Workshops can either happen in a 3-day format (Friday evening, all day Saturday, partial day on Sunday) or 2-day format (all day Saturday and Sunday). In church spaces, we often will do a 3-day format to allow the Sunday morning services to happen before our Sunday session.

• Expenses: Paul’s travel & lodging expenses can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

• Forming a Study Group: If you are interested in forming a study group in your town, a study supplement has been developed to support people interested in developing community, discussion, and understanding around the teachings of I Am the Word. Groups may elect to use it or not use it entirely at their discretion.

Those are the basic parameters for the workshop. They’re not set in stone, so we can be a bit flexible, but those are our preferences. As mentioned above, we’re very grateful for help in organizing the workshop, and are more than happy to extend a complimentary workshop admission in exchange for providing this help. If you’re interested in discussing bringing Paul to your town for a workshop, please send an email to Noah Perabo at [email protected]

Thank you!