Testimonials About Workshops

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“Absolutely outstanding! Paul Selig is a gift to mankind.”

— Christine Warren, founding member, Kripalu Institute; transformational teacher, coach and consultant

“To witness Paul work, is to witness true wonder and magic. I wouldn’t believe it, unless I saw it, but Paul’s eyes even changed color when he worked! The energy in the room was palpable and I can honestly say that I left this workshop a different person…I’d even venture to say that the entire weekend made my personal Top 5 Life Experiences list. Real energy was moved and I can’t wait to attend Paul’s workshop next year.”

— Samantha Feld Samuelson

“I have had the good fortune of knowing, and/or attending the workshops and lectures of some of our finest teachers in the field of human consciousness. Without question, Paul Selig’s Sedona Workshop was the best and most transformative I have ever attended. What we all witnessed and felt on the last day was nothing short of astounding. Paul devoted a lot of time and energy to giving personal readings that were accurate and helpful for the participants. After the workshop I feel the call to liberate myself from issues and patterns that no longer serve me and I can feel a major re wiring of my intuitive system which I access to be of service on missing and murder cases. Paul is the definition of what Caroline Myss said 25 years ago, that there is a new calling in our world to be mystics out of monasteries, and in Paul’s case, this comes to us in a humble, honest and compassionate package.”

— Christopher Barbour, Psychic Detective

“ A live workshop with Paul and the Guides is an electrifying, frequency-raising experience.”

— Joe Bacik

“Unbelievable! Like no other experience…words cannot describe it.”

— Kersten Hughes, Woodland Hills, CA

“Paul’s workshop really was life-altering in a wonderful way. The presence he channels is clearly other, but the listener detects a profound understanding of human nature, a delightful sense of humor, and a very wise and honest perspective on the flawed world we have created.”

— Ellen Heath

“I am happy to recommend Paul Selig’s work to people from all religious backgrounds, or none, who are interested in awakening. His books and workshops are a transmission of fundamental spiritual truths that reveal our true identity while at the same time offering the power to help us awaken to it. Paul’s simplicity and humility in conveying the message make the experience feel all the more trustworthy.”

— Terri Monroe

“Paul likes to describe himself as “just the guy who sits in the chair,” but his finely-tuned abilities enable transmission of the highest level of teachings I’ve heard, and his kindness and compassion provide a safe, loving space for participants to fully receive the Guides’ wisdom.  Watching Paul work psychically during the class is simultaneously fascinating, insightful, entertaining, and moving and, in my experience, remarkably accurate…Highly recommended.”

— Bill Hooper

“As someone new (like this week new) to Paul and his channeling, I found it very easy to delve right in. I was pleased that I was in the right place at the right time to receive what I can only explain as a gift from the guides in order to further my knowing. I cherish the energy shared and received and feel that we left Madison, Wisconsin a better place for having gathered our energies there. Until we meet again!”

— Andrea Summers

“I would love to give a testimonial about my experiences at Paul’s workshops. I’ve now attended two: one weekend at Omega, and a one-day workshop a month later in NJ. To anyone who’s enjoyed/is enjoying any of Paul’s books, I so highly recommend coming to be with him and the guides “in person”. For me, just experiencing the energy in the room is worth it, but on top of that, the material that emerges and the attunements – with each other and from the guides through Paul – are exquisitely powerful and transformative. These two workshops have brought this material to life for me in such a dynamic way so that the teachings have penetrated deeply into my being and my daily life. So much gets clarified, by either Paul or the guides, or both, in response to questions, or just as the days develop. I’ve subscribed to the livestream series on Wednesday nights, and indeed, as Paul says, the energy is just as strong. But I am so grateful that Paul is offering more opportunities to be with him in a live presentation. They are such a gift, and I can hardly wait till I can do this again.”

— Natasha S.

“The energy was off the charts and attempting to find words to the attunement “I am here” falls miserably short of the potent frequencies that coursed through our bodies and fields…I am responding to life differently and am definitely seated in my Knowing.”

— Wanda Vitale

“The message Paul carries is ancient and eternal.   We are the one life, God life, eternal life of creator.   Choose and realize it — anytime.  I hope everybody gets as close to remembering as I did in the workshop”

— Martha Creek, Speaker, Minister, Consultant

“As A Course in Miracles student for many years, I had always wondered what it would have been like to bear witness to Helen Shucman’s channeling of that masterpiece, in the late 1960’s. Forty years later, we can do just that. Even more miraculous, we are now called to bear witness to the Divine within. We are called, like Paul, to do the work of Awakening. It is time to join millions around the world who are rising, ever rising in frequency, despite the headlines. It is time to get off the spiritual buffet line and put the books down for a bit. It is time to experience being IN Love. It is work, this workshop. And it is glorious.”

— John Crotty, New York, NY

“This work is changing me. I’ve felt stuck for a long time and wanted change, but didn’t know how to bring it about. You can’t make things happen, force it or will it into being, though I have certainly tried at times. Through this work I am feeling a new openness and an ability to allow my life to unfold as it will. I don’t have to know what’s next. I can be open and curious and just see what comes. The workshop reinforced this feeling for me. I can be at peace with where I am.”

– Monna L., Annapolis, MD

“Dear Paul, Thank you for an extraordinary workshop in Annapolis, Maryland. I have heard from many that were in attendance and the event has truly brightened their lives. One person speaks about how her depression has been lifted and she can see the rainbow in the day and not the fog. Another participant explains her relationship with her children and husband is smoother and she sees and hears the world differently. I have noticed the brightness in all I meet and speak with during the day. I hold the world and the events that happen during the day in a wide open spaces and I’m able to release judgement a little bit easier. There is light on the mountain top and I find the ” little me” is much easier to identify. Your gift to the world is great, grand and is making a difference! May you feel the love and gratitude we have for you.”

— Cheryl Diane, Annapolis, MD

“My daughter, Leni, and I attended the Annapolis workshop. Being an empath, Leni said the weekend was like winning the lottery. She was given and continues to receive many valid messages. For me, it was a beautiful confirmation that the physical world is indeed malleable, just like the Guides are teaching, when the Divine Self is uncovered and activated. I have been experimenting for awhile with the truth that when I change my Mind, and align to my Higher Self, indeed the world does change. The Guides spoke about alchemy, and that is a very accurate description of what is happening. The attunement given to us by the Guides has had the very powerful effect of keeping me in the now moment, or Right Mind, much more consistently. I have found that in that place, all answers are given and it is such a relief to hand everything over. There is nothing I have to figure out. I also realize that I only have to heal my own mind, it has nothing to do with anyone else, and that is quite freeing. I inherently know that I am here to see peace in my lifetime, and this workshop was a validation that that is where we are all heading.”

— Sally MacKenzie Dubel, Pittsburgh, PA

“Paul Selig’s workshop was like The Course of Miracles on steroids. He is amazing! He cuts to the chase. It is energized, real and very moving! The emotion that came through all week-end was love. Who isn’t ready for more? Thank you Paul for opening my alignment to source!”

— Lynn Konen, San Diego

“Once again this work has shifted and healed so much for me. I feel a deep sense of clarity with regards to my journey ahead and validation of my what I’ve known on a deeper level thus far. I can’t thank you enough, Paul, for your service to humanity through this work with your guides. Your courage in stepping into this work, and dedication in continuing to show up for and share the teachings, has helped to empower me and so many- making the ripple effect of your work quite enormous. With great gratitude and love for who and what you are in truth, and for your service to us all, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Allyson Vignola, Danvers, MA

“After attending this weekends work-shop and really not knowing that much about Paul’s work and what his gift was all about…….I can say for sure……HE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!”

— Judi, Danvers, MA

“There are no words that truly express the gratitude that I feel for the experience of this weekend. In my 25 years, I find this without a doubt to be the most humbling, liberating and life changing experience, one that I will hold dear to my heart forever. Thank you Paul for all you do. You have changed the trajectory of my life for the amazing. I look forward to being in your presence/workshop, whenever that day may be. This will always be remembered as both, my favorite weekend of my life, and the one that helped me realize all that we are in Truth.”

— Austin Thul, Seattle

“Attending this workshop was truly amazing! Being a life long junkie of spiritual and self help, I am much more selective and cautious now about where I go and who I listen to. I’ve been resonating deeply with the teachings from the Guides for some time now, so it was clear that I wanted to experience this ‘in person’. But what really stood out for me is the gift Paul himself brings to this…He is honest, vulnerable and just straight up REAL! What a gift and relief as I felt I had a friend who just gets the whole human aspect of it all. He gives us permission by just showing up like he does to learn, grow and be HERE in all our humanness, evolution, and truth. That, along with the energy and teachings that the Guides are bringing though…well, words limit the shift I am feeling ~ It is a gift beyond anything I can accurately express. Thank you so so much!”

— Jeanette Brynn, Seattle, WA

“This was my first time seeing Paul and my first channeled experience. I didn’t know what to expect and came with an open heart and mind, and a desire to receive healing and clarity. Needless to say, Paul is the real deal. I appreciated the simplicity of the presentation and the raw, unscripted approach (and no salesy-marketing stuff). The last two months have been incredibly intense with the ending of a nearly 4 year relationship and a period of darkness and solitude. The energy that Paul channels was warm, familiar, loving and intimate. When Paul did the individual attunements, I felt like I was gazing into the eyes of someone who had known me many moons before and I could not help but be lifted in that remembrance. I walked away from today’s workshop feeling lighter and freer, and most importantly, filled with faith and sheer joy. Thank you for a wonderful experience and reminder of who and what I truly am.”

— Minh-Huyen

“I’m overjoyed that I attended Paul Selig’s workshop today. My experience was extraordinary in many ways. This was my third workshop with Paul and I have to tell you that each one was different in its own way. If it wasn’t enough that I got to witness a humble, “real”, and gifted man connecting with the Divine, the messages and teachings shared rang true with my soul. During this workshop, I felt the vibration in the room shift. The entire group was glowing/beaming. We all looked at one another in amazement. It was an extremely joyful and moving experience.”

— Paula Traghetto

“I could not have picked a better place in the whole wide WORD to be yesterday than at the workshop with Paul and the guides. I am someone who was involved with an “energy awakening” worldwide movement when I was younger, but left due to aspects of their approach that I felt were not aligned with Truth, even though I had some unexplainable experiences there. I am also a scientist, and I look at evidence very closely to decide what I accept as legitimate. After Paul aligned us all yesterday (while the guides embodied him), he asked what color his eyes had been. We all answered at once, and while most saw blue (as did I from an angle), I saw his normal eye color of hazel when he stood before me. This is remarkable, as any colored contact could not be changed on the fly with dozens of people watching, and gives me the evidence I guess I need (beyond the inner energy experiences which DID occur) to quell doubts that he has simply been clever at packaging spiritual truths. Oh, and I was also told by my partner while we looked into each other’s eyes that my own began to emit light, which I could FEEL as we gazed at each other, but did not realize it was producing anything an observer could see. I asked him later to be sure he was not just using a figure of speech, and he said he meant it literally, and was quite impressed by what he witnessed. If you share this post on your site, a skeptical mind could (rightfully) still assume this share is not legitimate. But here is the thing: the power of true science is that it makes claims based on reproducibility in transparent ways that any interested party can personally explore and validate, if they truly desire to. I started with the books based on many sound “peer reviews” and incredible reports, and anyone who is sincerely longing for TRUE and practical ways to develop to their full potential is free to see for themselves what happens when they are open to trying the affirmations therein… Thank God/Goddess we still live in a free land where WE decide what hunches to act on. Long live freedom to choose our own methods of divine investigation. I AM FREE.”

— Dr. Jesse Herbert

“The workshop with Paul and his guides was wonderful! I really did not know what to expect from a channeled workshop, but my work with the guides through the books has been so transformative that I had to see what it would be. It was really cool seeing the reality of what is happening as Paul tunes in and brings them forth. The wisdom that they are sharing just rings true on every level and I can’t wait until the new book comes out. This is opening doors that I have long desired and is launching me into the next phase of my life. I am so thankful that Paul is willing and able to be the channel, an I will be holding him up in whatever way I am able to support him as he does this work… Also, it was great being in a room full of people who are well on their way to waking up!”

— Bill Kuhn

“Paul Selig’s channeling workshop was wonderful!! The experience was exactly what I needed on my path, it rang with truth and empowerment, and was so inspiring. It has given me a whole new perspective on how to grow, the courage to do so, and set my whole life on a new path. There are no words for how special and alive this information is.”

— Norma Van Horn, Austin, TX

“I truly got a lot out of this workshop. Something about being present in the room and hearing the information from The Guides delivered in person by Paul seemed to click for me in a more profound way than watching the YouTube videos. I was honored to have been present for Paul’s channeling of the portions of the new book. These teachings resonated with me and felt very important to my soul growth. I felt the attunements on a deeply personal level. During the Q&A portion I finally felt open to be vulnerable to ask my personal question and share a bit of what I’m currently experiencing with Paul and the group. I was deeply moved by Paul’s psychic abilities and then his willingness to open himself to receive information for me from The Guides. I know Paul considers himself a student of The Guides and is learning with all of us students. I appreciate his humility and his candor. He shared his own personal experiences with honesty and humor which helped facilitate group healing. Paul has experienced many life challenges and he doesn’t pretend to be a guru, nor (thankfully) does he want this title. I am very happy I attended this worksop and am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a student of The Guides. I am already thinking about the next workshop I will attend!

— Jill Peraud