Paul Selig interviewed by Mitch Horowitz on One Simple Idea

From Mitch Horowitz and the New Thought Channel:

Psychic, medium, teacher, and award-winning author of several channeled texts, Paul Selig sits down with Mitch Horowitz for an authentic conversation. They discuss the effects of living in fear, the divine self vs the small self, and the significance of co-creating your reality.

Are you seeking enlightenment or material success? Is one better or worse than the other? Depends on who is doing the seeking, says Paul Selig. Consider yourself “spiritual but not religious?” The “claiming of the Kingdom” may seem like a teaching from “that old time religion” – but as Paul explains, this phrase is a Truth teaching that transcends all religion.

Paul shares the events that transformed his life from a non-spiritual “Billy-Idol Rock n’ Roll playwright” into a life lived from a spiritual perspective. Discover what happens when an atheist reaches a crisis point and the unthinkable occurs.

Paul Selig joins Mitch Horowitz January 29, for Season 2 of One Simple Idea. Watch a preview above. The full episode airs exclusively on New Thought Channel.