Germania-War-and-PeaceAt Patheos, Paul has posted “War and Peace,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in Brooklyn, New York, on August 4, 2013.

Until you all realize that there is no need for war, you will war. But you believe that you need war and you agree to it each and every day you see it. “Well, there is a war,” and you are in agreement with the war. Now, Paul is in the way, “Well, they don’t believe in it but they agree with it, those are two different things.” In fact, they are the same thing. To believe in something is to agree with it, which means to be in accord. “I will defy that war. I will fight that war,” is engaging in war against war and what does that get you but more war?

How do you live your lives but in agreement with structure? “There is the post office, I will mail my letter. I know it will be delivered in two days because that is my right. There is my doctor, he will tell me what is wrong and I will pay him a bill and I will be well or not. I see my schools. I see my universities. I know I don’t need them but I go to them because if I don’t go to them I will not be recognized and I have to play the game.” The game we spoke of in the beginning is the big thing you have all invested in and until you realize it you will continue to perpetuate it because you believe it’s needed.