Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “Change and Growth”

change-300x199At Patheos, Paul has posted “Change and Growth,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in New York City on April 18, 2013.

We will welcome you each tonight to a new dawn.  A new day is coming, but not without some trials.  And when you face a time of trials you must understand that there is a time of significance at hand.  Paul is already frightened, “No more trials.  What’s going to happen to me?”  This is not about Paul.  This is a shift in consciousness that is going to take place over the next six weeks or so, as people acclimate to new possibilities that in some cases may be born in fear.

When you have a time that is created for fear, you must understand that what you withstand is the fallout of the frequency that has been generated to obscure the light.  If you think of an ash that goes up to the sun from a volcano, the volcano is purging – the ash is released.  It appears to be dark but the sun still shines and what you witness before you is a manifestation of fear in the guise of control. . . .