Free Video and Transcript:
“Alignment to Prayer”

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In this lecture the Guides teach extensively on how the True Self calls to us its exact requirements and that the True Self’s only real need is to realize itself through us. They explain that the Divine knows our every need, even before we could ask. Therefore, they spend a good amount of time making the distinctions of prayer, supplicatory prayer and affirmative prayer, and give you the most important ingredient of prayer which is reception. Karma is touched upon as a law that we have used to learn through, yet they would like to show us a higher way, a higher law, the law of realization. They speak to the word ascension being misused and attempt to correct its definition. Their teaching which you receive, is a teaching of ascension where the personality self is released, yet they are very precise in describing the process as a replenishment and assumption by the Divine. This whole lecture has the underlying theme of allowance which permeates it and is what the Guides highlight as the requirement of the personality self; This requirement is to allow the Divine to do its work through you without the need for the personality self to decide what should or shouldn’t take place. Even Paul was corrected to understand that prayer is an action, the highest action, and to pray with allowance, is to give permission for the Divine to act through you.