Transcript: Paul Selig channeling

The Purpose of Being, Part III
February 23, 2017

The love we have for you cannot be extinguished by any action you could ever take, by any thought you could ever think, by any belief you could hold against yourself or another. The love we have for you is as present now as it can ever be, and the realization of being loved, allowing yourself to be loved, will be this teaching for each of you who has come to learn what you are.

The aspect of you who knows who he is, the Divine as what you are, knows full well his relationship to Source. The eternity in you is in response to all eternity, and the love in you knows herself in love and not separate from love itself. But the aspects of you who exist in dense frequency and align to things that agree to separation struggle sometimes with the possibility that you can be loved, or know yourself in love, or be with yourself in such a way that you may equate as loving.

Being in love, as we have said prior, is being in the frequency, in the vibratory agreement with the octave of love, which is an eternal frequency that is always present. But the aspects of you that reject the self, would harm the self, refuse the self his worth, will shun the light that comes to him, will hide from the light that would call him out because of his belief, her belief, that she cannot be seen, cannot be known, cannot be agreed to as one who may know love.

This is not a remedial teaching in the least. This is the cause of most of your pain, and the misalignment you hold, each human being, to what you are as one who is not only worthy but already is loved is what must be reckoned with tonight. The teaching we bring to you is also for the man before you in request to his petitions for his own well being, and as we teach him we teach each of you who is in reckoning with the self that would deny his own ability, her own worthiness of love.

Now that light that you are, as we have said, is already in agreement to this, but there are aspects of each of you that have been denounced in some ways. And what has been denounced or rejected must be reclaimed in order for it to receive the love that it requires. Now love is not only acceptance — but you can’t quite comprehend that, so we must give you another example — love is not only acceptance, but surrender to those aspects of you that have been denounced, and in surrender acceptance lies.

Now surrender for some of you is a great riddle. “I can’t force myself,” you may say, “to a state of surrender.” But you can accept the potential that you have to rely on a small self to solve all your problems, and you can comprehend that the small self of itself has not done much but make matters worse. So here we go, friends. In the agreement we make with you now to be as you are inclusive of all aspects of the self that have been rejected, we agree to you as what you are, the holy name you have, the one who may know love because he cannot be without it. And the residual echo of this claim will serve you for your lifetime as you align to this intention. We are claiming this for you each now in resonance and echo, which means vibration, and the echo of the vibration that may be claimed by you as the life you live.

Now the Divine Self is the one who will say these words with us, not the aspect of you who believes she cannot, that he is not allowed. But the one who sings with us is the one who knows who he is and will make this claim for an eternity because, as you understand, the True Self exists in eternity although she may know herself now. Here we go, friends.

We sing this song for each of you here, for the man before you, for those who will hear these words or read this testament someday down the road. We sing this song for each of you so you may be remembered and re-decided upon by the full self in coherence — coherence and agreement — with the truth of your being.

“On this night I claim that each one present may know himself, may know herself, as what she is and may abide in a higher agreement of frequency in knowing she is loved, in knowing he is loved. And in the alignment of love, the aspects of the self that have been scattered, torn away, hidden in shadow, refused and unloved, will be gathered perfectly to a new light that we will claim as you. And in your agreement to these words, in this announcement of being, we reside with you as the Divine Self in love for one purpose — to know what you are.”

Say this with us, and say this as the True Self, and speak the words aloud:

“On this night I choose to be received, and each aspect of myself throughout time that has been pushed away, hidden, or rejected, may now be gathered in order to be loved. And as he is received, as she is received, in fullness, the being that I am may be known in residual knowing that there has never been a time, never a moment, never a possibility that I have not been loved. As I say these words, I surrender to the Divine that is present as now as where I am as it may ever be. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.”

Feel this, yes, and be as you are, just as you are, as the one who may know and be and sing, “I am here.”

Now when we tell you this we don’t dissuade you from the choices you have before you, but we do invite you to decide tonight that the being that you are in his perfect way, in her perfect way, may know that she is loved, that he is loved in infinity, which is always and ever.

And as this love is infinite, there is no beginning to it and no possible end, so you cannot be subjected to anything, anything at all, no circumstance is possible that can deny you the love that is ever present as you in this agreement:

“I have come to sing. I have come to know. I have come to hold my head above the clouds to see the truth in all mankind, in all humankind. I have come to be the one who knows, who agrees to the truth of being. And as I say yes to this, I am sung, I am the song in embodiment of new life, of new truth that may be reasoned, comprehended, and known by all mankind.”

Some of you say, “But I cannot be this thing you say.” But my friends you are, you are, you are. You have always been, and you can only be the song of truth when you know who you are — the song of being, “I am here”; the song of receiving, “I am agreeing”; the song of freedom that enlists the universe in its support of its claim, “I am free”; the being that you are who has come to be known once again as what you have always been and is loved because you cannot not be.

Now when we teach, we teach in degrees. For those of you who come in sorrow, we may show you joy. For those of you who come in joy, we may teach you reason. When those of you who come as a gift to be received by those of us who serve you, we untie the ribbon that you are covering yourselves with so you may be seen and gifted to your world.

The beings that you are, you see, are the emissaries of truth. You are not the expert on truth. You don’t have a degree in truth. You are not here to tell people what to do, how to act, or what to believe. But you are here to sing to them as the true vibration, the true being who has come in service. What your song is, you see, is your frequency, your vibratory accord. And to be sung simply means that you have become the tuning fork in vibration of the Divine Self that will bear witness to the being of all she sees in the higher agreement of what may only be known as God or truth or being in light. The Source of all good is the Source of all, and the discriminating you do here in the lower vibration is removed to clear vision, to clear sight, to claim in unity that which has been rejected, has been put aside, has been called out in anger or shunned by the world.

The least of you, you see, are as loved as those of you who would demand the attention of the world. No human being, like it or not, is higher than the one beside him no matter what they do that you would disapprove of. But many of you come to learn the hard way, and you make it quite difficult for yourselves to receive the love that is indeed your inheritance.

What we would offer you now as we say yes to the world before you is that the song you sing as the one who knows she is worthy, he is worthy of love, so it may be known by all, must be claimed anew each day for you to sing to the world you see. Here is this teaching:

“Each day I rise and give permission to my being to be in service to the Source of all good, and as I agree to be in service I allow myself to be sung, and as the song that I am in emanation surrounds me, I agree to encounter all I see as this vibration.”

The song is sung in such a simple way that it may confound you, so you may use these words if you require words to say “I am”:

“I know who I am in truth. I bear witness to a world in truth. And as I give myself over to be in service, the song of God is sung as and through me. I am here. I am here. I am here.”

Now this is done by you in agreement, in surrender if you wish, and the aspects of you that you would put aside — “Well, this is not the holy me, and that part of me is rubbish and cannot be seen or known by anyone” — as you sing, you are collected and you rejoice as an entire being. And those things, those pieces of you, those shards of broken glass where you see a bad reflection of what you believe yourselves to be, are made new as you are made whole in the agreement to the truth of your being.

Yes, the True Self is whole, has always been whole, and the mockery of the small self to the True Self has been the cause of this fragmentation. We say these words now for those of you who are attending to us, perhaps for the first time. The reason for this teaching is the alignment and ascension, embodiment and incarnation of your true natures. And to judge aspects of yourselves as unworthy of God makes them unworthy of love, and to deny God because of your own unworthiness is to claim a prison in the face of freedom.

We usher you each now forward, if you would. We are seeing lines of you preparing yourselves for the good work ahead. And the being that you are in service, in rejoicing, in agreement to be as the song embodied, calls the world forth in a much different way than the small self can comprehend now.

As we complete this lecture, we wish to teach you a few things about comprehension and acquiescence. You may comprehend anything through the intellect — “I see what is required of me in this situation, I understand my name, I comprehend its meaning” — but to be in comprehension as an alignment, to comprehend, to be as with the subject of inquiry, to be what you are in this agreement, is to comprehend truth without regard to acquiescence of history.

And by history we mean what you were taught to perceive.

“I comprehend the man in the road. I know the man in the road in my comprehension of him. My realization and knowing in comprehension of the man in the road bears no association to what I was taught to prescribe to the one I see because every aspect of me is now being informed by his being. And as I comprehend, I may love him as he is because all is loved.”

You really cannot love, you see, without comprehension and agreement, but you can deny yourself love by refusing to be comprehended.

What we wish to do now, if you will give us permission, is to hold you all in love. And we will comprehend you as you may allow us, and all you ask to be is what you are in this moment, this being that you are, to be in reception and in comprehension of love. On the count of three, we will claim each of you in the love that is always present as we are and as you are in your truth. One. Two. Three. Be received by us as you are as loved, as you are in truth, as you are in freedom. As you are and as we see you, we comprehend you, we realize you, we know you, we know what you are and can only be in knowing, in being, in awareness of the being that you have always been.

Now we say these words in agreement to you. The being that you are will be arranging, aligning, and assuming you so you may comprehend what has occurred, so allow us if you wish to continue with you, each of you if you wish beyond this day as we know you in the eternal self.

We don’t depend on your time to see you in your worth. It is always so.

We will stop now. We will say this to Paul. Please listen to this teaching. You are included in this teaching as a student of the work. We thank you each. We will return in a moment with your questions, on the teaching if you prefer. Period. Period. Period.