Meditation_Harmony_Peace_Crystal-1024x760“Aligning to the Divine,” a new channeled lecture from Paul Selig’s Guides, appears at Reality Sandwich.

Here’s a snippet:

Now we answer your questions as they come. But you don’t even know the questions some days, “what am I to do, what am I to do?” But to do about what? The answer is always the same: claim your true identity.

The Divine as you, as you align to it, holds all you need. You can’t understand how amazing you are when you’re looking for yourself under a bush somewhere. The teaching we give you now —“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve, I am here, I am here, I am here”— will claim you, in fact, above and beyond what you have known. But the alignment to it, in its progressive state, is heralded by you as you attend to it.

These are not magic words. The attunements we offer you to frequency and to higher awareness of alignment are brought to you in your field first, in the auric field you hold. The encoding of the language that we work with you on is there to support you at every instant you require it. When you say the word “yes,” you go into an agreement with “yes” and all that comes with “yes.” When you go into an agreement with the language we teach you and the encoding of the language, which is implicit in the statements, you go into an agreement with “yes” as an energetic being. In fact, what you are doing is transforming your field to a new awakening that may be called to you in manifestation as you can hold it.

Now underline those words — as you can hold it. If we were to give you everything now, above and beyond what you could hold, you wouldn’t manage, you would become confused, you would seek to figure it out, and figuring it out, we say, is an aspect of the egoic self who needs all the answers.

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