Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “Walking Through the Wall”

The-Beginning-is-Near-288x300At Patheos, Paul has posted “Walking Through the Wall,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in New York City on June 6, 2013.

Word I am Word. Why do you know yourselves in certain ways? Why do you claim identity in your history? Why can’t you see yourself as you truly are? This is your teaching for tonight. We want you to walk through the walls today in the understanding that the walls were never really there, that the obstacles that you use to protect yourself from what you say you want were created by you and for you and are illusory.

There is no one in this room who is not free to choose the life she wants. When you know the life you want is your inheritance you are claiming the kingdom. But the kingdom, as we see it, has very little to do with what you were taught to want. So you must understand the difference here – the life that you have chosen so far has been in agreement with your teachings: your father’s teaching, your lover’s teaching, your mother’s and son’s, those around you who taught you who you were. And you said, “OK, that is who I am and I go about my way in agreement with these teachings.” . . .