Paul Selig radio interview on “Sunny in Seattle” 1150 AM KKNW

Thanks to host Sunny Joy McMillan and 1150 AM KKNW Alternative Talk Radio for this wonderful interview with Paul Selig on Sunny in Seattle.

Paul Selig interviewed by CJ Liu on “Fire It Up with CJ”

CJ Liu conducts a brilliant interview with Paul Selig and provides readers a close reading of The Book of Mastery at Fire It Up with CJ.

Paul Selig interviewed on Share Wisdom Network’s “A Deeper Journey”

Thanks to host Sher Safran and her show, A Deeper Journey, for this great interview with Paul Selig. Click here to watch "A Deeper Journey into Channeled Insights with Guest Paul Selig" at the Share Wisdom Network.

ABC News Nightline features Paul Selig

Paul Selig is featured on ABC News Nightline, along with clients Sammy Hagar and Kari Hagar, and also helps Kelly and Tim in their relationship.

Paul Selig Esalen Interview

Sam Stern interviews Paul Selig as part of "Voices of Esalen."

Paul Selig Returns to The Beyond the Ordinary Show

Paul Selig returns to "The Beyond the Ordinary Show" with John Burgos. The replay is available until September 5th.

Paul Selig interviewed by Dr. Guldal

From the website: "Host Dr. Guldal sits down for tea with her good friend and colleague, Paul Selig. A channel extraordinaire - Paul is an award winning author of channeled texts."

ABC Nightline features Paul Selig, live psychic readings on Facebook

On June 24, Paul Selig did a Facebook livestream feed, including live psychic readings, with ABC's Nightline. Watch a replay on the ABC Nightline Facebook page.

“How to Deal with an Atrocity”: A Channeled Lecture by Paul Selig

Channeled by Paul Selig before an audience in Calgary, Alberta, on Sunday, June 12, 2016, the morning after the shootings in Orlando, Florida. The narration in the video is read by Paul on June 14, from a transcript of the original recording. Watch the video here or at Paul's YouTube page. Read the transcript in full at Reality Sandwich.

Paul Selig Interviewed on The Lighter Side with Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler interviews Paul Selig on The Lighter Side -- Live on Facebook! Watch the replay here or on YouTube.

Gaia TV: Paul Selig on “Beyond Belief” with George Noory

Paul Selig is interviewed on George Noory's hit show, "Beyond Belief," now in its sixth season. Watch a free preview at Gaia's website for George Noory's "Beyond Belief."

Interview with Michael Bernard Beckwith & Paul Selig

Thanks to Sunny Chayes at Universal Broadcasting Network, you can listen to a free replay of her interview with Michael Bernard Beckwith & Paul Selig.

Paul Selig interviewed on the Dr. Pat Show

Listen to an interview with Paul Selig, recorded April 14, 2016, on the Dr. Pat Show. In this first installment of the widely anticipated...

Paul Selig interviewed by CJ Liu on “Fire It Up with CJ”

CJ Liu conducts a brilliant interview with Paul Selig and provides readers a close reading of The Book of Mastery at Fire It Up with CJ.

Paul Selig featured at AfterLife TV with Bob Olson

Bob Olson and AfterlifeTV features Paul Selig's work with the Guides in workshops, readings, and in The Book of Mastery. Watch the video....

Paul Selig interviewed on Empower Radio’s “Out of the Fog”

Thanks to Karen Hager for this great interview. Listen at Empower Radio.

Paul Selig interviewed on The Moore Show (video)

Kevin Moore conducts a forthright and captivating video interview with Paul Selig. Many thanks to the Moore Show, Alternative Late Night Talk, which provides the platform for some of the world's greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, spiritual teachers and authors.

Paul Selig interviewed on OM Times Radio with Sylvia Henderson

From the OM Times Radio website: "experience the remarkable energy of Sylvia’s special guest, Paul Selig, celebrated channeler and author..."

Paul Selig returns to Coast to Coast with George Noory

On Coast to Coast AM Radio George Noory welcomes back Paul Selig for a second interview. Listen to the show at the Coast to Coast website...

Paul Selig interviewed on New Realities

Thanks to Alan Steinfeld for this excellent interview with Paul Selig. Watch a preview at the New Realities YouTube Channel. Full version coming soon.