82e0f30938e0141c4eafe042fe222211Listen to an interview with Paul Selig, recorded April 14, 2016, on the Dr. Pat Show.

From the website:

Most of us are searching for the path to happiness. Whether we are seeking wealth, relationships, or spiritual enlightenment, our shared endeavor to achieve fulfillment is what defines us. But, how do we know if we are focusing our efforts in the right places?

We often allow our concept of happiness to eclipse the true desires of our inner self. In this first installment of the widely anticipated Mastery Trilogy, Paul Selig benevolent guides through clairaudient dictation. These unseen intellects provide surprisingly practical, otherworldly insight to help readers achieve fulfillment and peace by setting healthy boundaries, making life-altering decisions, and embracing the challenging people they encounter on a daily basis.