The Class of Love V

(The following is the transcript of a channeled lecture delivered through Paul Selig on July 15, 2015 during a live-streamed seminar.)

Now we will ask you this: Who do you think you are, and what do you think you can do?

Now the small self self-identifies through what he does in the world, and the Divine as you knows herself through being. As you catalyze your life as the incarnation of the True Self that has been bequeathed upon you, how you act in the world is informed by this. Some of you believe that how you act in the world must be in a way that conforms to societal rules; that your ideas of what things should be must be coherent with what you have been taught thus far. But we will honor you this: As you choose this to know yourself in a new way as the True Self, you must become aware that the world you live in will alter and the transition you have, from one state of being to another state of being, is predicated in many ways on your alignment.

Now what alignment is is how you stand in your being at what level of recognition and alignment to the truth of who you are. Now the truth of who you are, as we have taught you thus far, is the Divine self, the Christed self, the True Self. The embodiment of this as you in fullness has been the class you’ve been taking in instruction and will continue to be, regardless of what we claim the class as in a title. But the world you live in, when you are in this alignment, must conform—and underline the word must conform—to the truth of who you are.

Now some of you go, I am a Divine being, but my life doesn’t work. I am a Divine being, but I don’t know a damned thing. I am a Divine being, but I am so angry all the time. And all these things may be so. The truth of who you are, the Divine as you, is present regardless of what you think. And you must understand this. The Divine as you, incarnated as you, is always present, regardless of whether or not you know it. But the obligation to it, the alignment with it, the agreement to it as it expresses through you, is the juncture you stand at now.

We will say this to the man before you as well: The juncture you stand at, as well, is the being of it as the life you live, not in spite of it, not withstanding it, not confronting it and battling it. But being at this level of awareness of the true self calls you into manifestation to a world that knows you, and underline the word know.

Now to know something is to claim it as true. “I know that is a fish.” “I know that is the sky.” And in the agreement to know, you can be in true consort with your very world. The Divine Self as you, we say, will be known, but not in the way you may imagine. You don’t trumpet your habituation in the new dimensional self. You simply are it. And the being of it as you is the song you sing that will be recognized, not just by your fellows, but by the tree, by the fish, by the sky, because what you will witness will be the light, will be the truth, will be the love you see out-pictured before you, in resonance with you, so you will be known.

He holds his heart before his hands. He offers the heart to the world before him. The heart is ablaze, you see, with its own infinite self that becomes the manifestation of the being you are.

Now is this done by you? No. And you must understand this: You don’t make it happen. You claim it, yes, but the alignment that comes, in many ways, is a remaking of the being you are, top to bottom in many ways. This is not denying you, it is not improving you, but it is transforming. And the recognition of the self as the one in change will be beneficial to you now, at this juncture.

Some of you believe that you announce the words to the world, “I am here. I am here. I am here,” and the world welcomes back. “Well there you are, it’s about time.” The fact of the matter is, when you claim your truth at this level, the Divine as you speaks through you. “I am here, I am here, I am here” is the song of the Divine Self in its resurrection as and through you. And it is not for the world to see you and say, “Oh good, there she goes, she has arrived.” The egoic self and the personality self, the structure that you know yourself through, will be encountering things to learn through. However, we say the personality self does not claim the Kingdom. The True Self does, and the configuration of the True Self as the being you are, the Resurrected Self, the Transformed Self, is going into process through your agreement to it.

This is passive, in some ways. “I am willing to know,” claims you in knowing. “I am willing to be,” claims you as being. But the choice to be made by the True Self comes in its own way, not because the personality self says, “Well it’s my time because I said so.” The road to hell, you see, may be paved in good intentions, but more likely it’s born in ego and the need to know the self as special, or particularly gifted, or as have arrived.

He doesn’t like the use of the word “hell.” Well, we were making a point with it. We were not prescribing it to you. We are simply making the point that the Divine as you, in her purview, in her expression as being, goes into congruence with a new world. And this is not done at the convenience of personality, because personality, as you understand it, cannot know the Kingdom.

Now there are aspects of you that are eternally present, that support you in this. You are not praying for something from the outside, you are aligning to what already is. The Divine as you is always here. And the application to it — “yes I may, yes I may know, yes I may be, yes I may claim” — will support you in the alignment to it. But the crossroads you stand at, the juncture you face, is a key to a doorway to a new world.

Now what is a new world, but a world unperceived prior? And heaven, as we know it, or the awareness of the Divine in all, is here now and can be perceived by the ones who know who they are. The small child that Paul is is trying to peak over the fence, “Show me the Kingdom on the other side of the fence. Let me know the truth of the Kingdom,” and you are all like this in some way.

But the Kingdom is here, and it’s in your breath, in the air you see before you, in your skin, in your lover, in all you see before you. The manifestation of the Divine that is witnessed by you through the resurrected self will be known by you as it truly is, not as what would be prescribed by the small self who would codify a teaching, check off it on the list each time he learns something, and says, “Well, dear God, I passed the test. Let me in the damned Kingdom.”

That’s not how it works. Here is what happens:The alignment you hold as the being you are creates an energy that assumes you as you. It becomes you as you. And the vibration you are informs your consciousness. And what is known as the personality must become altered, reinvigorated, re-formed if you wish, in a higher way. You don’t lose it. You need it to walk around here. But not as you think.

The re-formation of the self, which is your work now, is the higher agreement to incarnate in the face of change, in the face of fear, in the face of what you’ve not known. The incarnated self, as you, supports the passage of this. It calls forward each thing it requires to know through, to learn through, to show you who you truly are so you may remove the corset that is on your being, the constricted self who has been bound to a history that is not a true teaching.

When you believe you’re your father’s son and your mother’s daughter, when you believe you’re the president or the pauper, you are existing through a frame of agreement to a realm that, while beneficial to your learning, is actually illusory in the face of the true kingdom, when all men are known, all women are known if you wish, as the light.

Now to him this is preposterous. It cannot be so. What about that man I don’t like? What about those people over there? The recognition of who someone is outside of personality supports this. The focus on personality calls you back to the small self and its frames.

So the world is made new by your witness, and your witness is informed by the assumption of the being you are. You don’t disappear. You incarnate at the new level of vibration as the truth of who you are, and you don’t embellish that with the requirements of the small self. All the name tags you would wear to support you in your relations, the need for fame, the need for fear, the need to be right or to be wrong, will be removed so you may reclaim the self in a higher way.

Now some of you decide, because you use the language we give you, the incantations of truth, or the claims of truth that correlate to high frequency and support your vibratory alignment—you can claim these things, you see, but not know them as so. And the personality self, who says “Well I know I’m a Divine being,” is still the personality self.

So now the question becomes, how does one know? By being. By aligning in being. And allow the mind, or what you know of as the mind, to move into consort with the vibration of the true self.

Now you have been attuned thus far. We will take you through it again, as we must. But we want you to understand that the speaking of the words, while it will transform your field and support you in the new alignment, must be known as you, underline as, and this is something you can be with. The saying of a word and the being of the Word are vastly different things. The saying of the Word may call it into being, but the being as it is what supports the transformation to realization of knowing.

We are teaching you this important thing for when we return for The Class of Resurrection we will claim this for you, to be resurrected as yourself, as the Divine Self requires that the template be set, that the alignment be made, and the knowing and the being may be attended to to support these things by you. The consequence of the work we teach you is how you be. And how you be as the Divine Self in your incarnation claims the world into being that we claim as the Kingdom and mankind, you see, at its juncture, must say “yes” to its new incarnation. Those of you we teach now are called forward as emissaries in some ways, because what you hold as who you are calls forth the light in all you see before you.

Paul is asking, “Are you going to attune these people, yes or no?” We will soon, yes. We wish to make a point now about The Class of Love, and this is the final session, yes, under this name. But as we speak of love, we speak of the vibration of the Creator, who is here, who is here, who is here, who makes this alignment possible. Your agreement as the Divine Self that you are goes into accord with the higher truth to claim you through it, and the act of love that this is, the truth that this is, may be known by you, yes, and will be felt by you, yes, through the alignment we teach you.

While this class may be ended in name only, we continue the teaching each night through the fields you hold, through your invitation to us. What is the invitation? “I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am here. I am here. I am here.” And this claim, made by you each, calls us forward to re-support you, as you require it, through the doorway that has been opened by your intention.

We know who you are, yes, we know what you are, we know how you serve, and we do not deny you your worth even when you wish to, even when you wish to, even when you wish to. We know who you are as the Divine Beings you truly are. We understand the constructs you’ve created. We work with you, as we can, to release the self from the bondage of fear, from the tethers to history through the creations of the past that would align you once anew to your worth, to your truth, and to your new incarnation.

Now he has a question. We must take it. “The new incarnation — As if there is a prize,” he says. That would be wrong-minded. The incarnation of the Divine as you is the truth of who you are. And it is seen anew through the eyes that may witness.

We will take a moment now. We will ask you to say this after us if you would:

I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.
I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve.
I am here. I am here. I am here.

Now, if you wish, we would like you to open your eyes and look around the rooms you are in and make a choice that the world you see before you is aligned to the Divine Self, and that the Divine Self, who can witness this world, is being blessed by the world she sees. You will say this now. “I am Word through the room. Word I am Word.” Feel the room shift, yes, as you fill the room as your true self. Now allow the room you are in to bless you back by allowing it to. Be in receipt of the blessing of what you see before you. You may know this in your own way.

Now as we attend to you tonight, we are also preparing you for what is to come, and the admonishment we would offer you at this juncture is not to deny the self the emotional responses he has, she has, to what she experiences, but to align it as it occurs to the Divine as you. You must understand that the emotional body you hold can also be in agreement with the vibration of the Word.

You will say this, Paul. “I am Word through my emotions. Word I am Word.” Feel this, yes? You may say this, everyone, if you like. “I am Word through my emotions. Word I am Word.”

Now the sea that you ride the boat of your life on may have waves and storms. And you may know yourself in calm waters, as well. Do not judge the storms. Bless the storms and bless your ability to know who you are, to know what you are, to know how you serve, in the face of change.

What you are all claiming here does not come without a price, and the price you pay to know the self is the dissolution of the lie that you have inherited, known yourself as and through. “Can it be done,” he asks? We say it is done already. The claiming of it now as who you are, the incarnation of the true self, is the passage you will be encountering as you say “yes.” “Yes I may choose. Yes I may be. Yes I may know.”

We will say this to each one present now:

On this night I choose to witness the ones before me as their resurrected selves, as their Divine selves in full expression and bloom. And as I see this, I see all in wonder, in glory, and in freedom, because the permission has been given, the shackles have been untied. And I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve.

Receive the Creator through the being you are. Let yourself receive. We are here. We are here. We are here. Thank you each for your presence. We will take a moment for Paul. Then we will return with your questions on the teaching. Period. Period. Period. Stop now, please.


* The Guides are referring to Paul