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Paul Selig

Psychic, teacher, and author of the channeled texts, I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth.

In the Media

Paul Selig interviewed by Scott Anderson and Jeff Suskin


You can listen for free at the webpage for Scott Anderson’s Warrior Academy Yoga.

From the website:

In this episode, Scott Anderson and Jeff Suskin share a conversation with psychic, teacher, and author Paul Selig. This fascinating discussion focuses on Paul’s work as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, channel, and empath.

Scott Anderson is an ordained minister, yoga instructor and creator of Warrior Academy Yoga.


Tarcher/Penguin authors Paul Selig and Tama Kieves celebrated at the International New Age Trade Show

From the Tarcher/Penguin website:

Each year, members of the New Age community gather for the International New Age Trade Show, a celebration of the best new metaphysical, spiritual, and inspiring content in the industry. This year’s conference featured two of our top authors, Tama Kieves and Paul Selig….

ps-tarcher-225x300Before actually channeling, Paul shared his personal history as both an empath and a medium detailing his first paranormal experience in 1987 on a rooftop in NYC.  He then explained what channeling is—how he has no idea what information he will be communicating beforehand; that he can’t filter what comes out; and that he doesn’t know what is said until he actually reads the transcripts.  He explained that he takes a backseat to the guides, a collective who share wisdom as one through him. What Paul shares is similar to I Am the Word and encourages people to discover their Christ Self within, thus attaining their fullest potential in life.



French edition of The Book of Knowing and Worth


The French edition of The Book of Knowing and Worth has been released!


Paul Selig to be interviewed on Wake Up (Radio 90.7 KPFK)

In advance of his upcoming workshop at Agape in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 26th, Paul will be appearing on Rev. Michael Beckwith’s radio show next Friday, April 24th at 1 pm PT.  Please tune in.



Paul Selig interviewed on The Moore Show

Kevin Moore interviewed Paul on his program, The Moore Show.


Paul Selig interviewed on “Fire It Up,” with CJ Liu (Video)


Paul Selig on the BIO Channel’s uneXplained

A preview of the “Trapped in His Body” episode of the A&E / BIO Channel’s uneXplained, featuring Paul Selig, is available again on YouTube.

New Interview with Paul Selig on 186 Capricorn Radio


Check out 186 Capricorn Radio for a new interview with Paul Selig.


Reality Sandwich features Paul Selig, transcript of a channeled lecture


From the website:

For nearly 20 years, Paul Selig has led channeled energy groups, developing his gifts as a clairaudient. He has channeled 3 remarkable books of teachings from his guides which, together, offer an extraordinary new work in the body of channeled teachings, helping readers to achieve new levels of healing, self-awareness and life purpose. The following is the unedited transcript of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig in a workshop in New York City on September 20th, 2014….

Now what do you believe? Why do you believe it? Why do you call these things groups? You’re a bunch of people having your lives and you come together to honor each other in your awakenings. You’re each awakening in your own way. You say yesterday, “May I be awake today?” Well, you’re here. Open your eyes, you’re wonderfully awake to your expression.



Paul being filmed for the new documentary “Widowsville” [PHOTO]


New interview with Paul Selig (Part 2)

Thanks to Adelyn, of, you can watch Part 2 of her recent interview with Paul Selig on Vimeo. (See also: Part 1)

New interview with Paul Selig (Part 1)

Thanks to Adelyn, of, you can watch a new interview with Paul Selig on Vimeo. Part one is linked here. Part 2 is coming soon!

Win a free reading! Spirituality & Health Magazine features Paul Selig


Click here to read the feature at the Spirituality & Health Magazine website, which also offers a chance to win a free reading!

Click here to download the article as a PDF.

Paul Selig Interviewed on Empower Radio

banners-real_life_257628787_515505873Host Lisa Jesswein, of the Real Life program on Empower radio, interviewed Paul Selig.

From the Real Life website:

How does someone go from being an NYU teacher, academic and published playwright to a highly sought after channel/empath? According to Paul Selig, very reluctantly. In Paul’s latest work The Book of Knowing and Worth (a channeled text) learn how the “energetic” transmissions received through reading this book can change your life….

Listen to the interview.


Paul Selig Channeling on Fox News Latino!


From the Fox News Latino website:

Many of us question and seek our purpose in life, but there may be something standing in the way of knowing our worth. Renowned psychic, clairvoyant and author Paul Selig, specializes in helping people to clear this path to self-discovery….

Plus, Selig channels for us on-air to help answer the question of how Latinos can get the respect they deserve in this country. Don’t miss this compelling interview!

Paul Selig interviewed by Peter Roth on the Energy Stew show

Peter_Roth_AlbumArt2From Peter Roth’s Energy Stew website:

In this interview, we’ll talk about the understandings of self and how to know ourselves in a greater way. There are so many lessons on how to believe in ourselves and live in trust of our larger self.

His book is a wonderful tool to learn how to live more powerfully and in greater attunement.

Listen to the interview, below, or visit Energy Stew.

2014 Nautilus Award


BookofKnowingWorth-fc-580The Book of Knowing and Worth is a winner of the 2014 Nautilus Award, which represents “Better Books for a Better World” – the Silver Award in the category of Religion /Spirituality: Other Traditions.

Paul Selig Interviewed on Dan Rea’s NightSide, on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

420x316-grad-rea1Award-winning Boston television journalist Dan Rea, host of NightSide on WBZ NewsRadio 1030, interviews Paul Selig.

From the CBS Boston website:

Paul Selig is a faculty member at NYU, and also a clairvoyant medium who channels the living. Most psychics reach out to those who have already passed, but Paul is able to connect with living people. Are you having problems in a relationship and just wish you could get inside your partner’s head? Want to know if your business associate really has your best interest in mind?

Listen to the interview at the CBS Boston website.

Paul Selig interviewed on the Shelly Wilson Show


From the Shelly Wilson Show website:

Considered the most practical and significant channeled message yet, The Book of Knowing and Worth offers the most well–rounded spiritual psychology since the work of Edgar Cayce. Selig’s latest tome reveals that true understanding of our life’s purpose can be found through “service”—the practice of the thing that you most love. Readers can discover their own form of service through this powerful mantra: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”

Readers will discover and “claim” their unique life purpose through the benevolent wisdom and transformational insights from Selig’s spirit guides.

Shelly Wilson is an Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. Her mission is to assist others on their own journey into consciousness and encourage them to live an authentic life through awareness and empowerment. Her intention is to bring understanding, help you to heal from the past and realize your full potential.

OM Times Feature on The Book of Knowing and Worth!


Click image to go to the OM Times website, where you can read the entire article online!