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Harv Bishop interviews Paul Selig

Harv Bishop, who explores social justice and spirituality, asks Paul Selig "What the Christ Consciousness says about war and suffering" ...

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Esalen channeled lecture by Paul Selig published at Reality Sandwich

Reality Sandwich features the transcript of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur on August 9, 2015.

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Paul Selig, “Being the True Self,” at features an article by Paul Selig, "Being the True Self." Here's an excerpt: "I am a conscious channel and for the .... "

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Bob Olson’s interview with Paul Selig re-posted at Afterlife TV

Listening to Paul during this interview lifted my energy and made me feel more hopeful and empowered as a human being--Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Paul Selig on Transformation Talk Radio with Christine Upchurch

Christine is Co-Founder of Orion Network for Evolution, and host of The Christine Upchurch Show on KKNW AM 1150 and Transformation Talk Radio

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Paul Selig shooting pilot for James Carman’s series, Superconscious (photo)

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Paul Selig interviewed by Scott Anderson and Jeff Suskin

Scott Anderson and Jeff Suskin share a conversation with psychic and author Paul Selig, focusing on Paul’s work as a clairaudient, channel...

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Tarcher/Penguin authors Paul Selig and Tama Kieves celebrated at the International New Age Trade Show

This year's International New Age Trade Show featured two of Tarcher / Penguin’s top authors, Paul Selig and Tama Kieves. Before channeling, Paul shared ....

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French edition of The Book of Knowing and Worth

The French edition of _The Book of Knowing and Worth_ has been released! Author, psychic, and channel Paul Selig has described a program ....

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Paul Selig to be interviewed on Wake Up (Radio 90.7 KPFK)

In advance of Paul Selig's upcoming workshop at Agape in Los Angeles, he'll be interviewed on Rev. Michael Beckwith's radio show on April 24...

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Paul Selig interviewed on The Moore Show

Kevin Moore interviews Paul Selig on his program, The Moore Show. In his breakthrough work of channeled literature, I Am the Word, author...

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Paul Selig interviewed on “Fire It Up,” with CJ Liu (Video)


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Paul Selig on the BIO Channel’s uneXplained

The BIO Channel’s uneXplained will be re-airing episodes featuring Paul Selig. Watch the previews here.

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New Interview with Paul Selig on 186 Capricorn Radio

Check out 186 Capricorn Radio for a new interview with Paul Selig. Writer, empath and conscious channel, Paul Selig led channeled energy....

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Reality Sandwich features Paul Selig, transcript of a channeled lecture

For nearly 20 years, Paul Selig has led channeled energy groups, developing his gifts as a clairaudient. He has channeled 3 remarkable books...

Paul being filmed for the new documentary “Widowsville” [PHOTO]

New interview with Paul Selig (Part 2)

Part 2 of Adelyn's interview with Paul Selig, writer, empath and conscious channel. Watch the video at or on Vimeo!

New interview with Paul Selig (Part 1)

Adelyn, creator of, interviews Paul Selig, writer, empath and conscious channel. Watch at or on Vimeo!

Win a free reading! Spirituality & Health Magazine features Paul Selig

Click to read the feature at the Spirituality & Health Magazine website, which also offers a chance to win a free reading with Paul Selig!

Paul Selig Interviewed on Empower Radio

Host Lisa Jesswein, of the Real Life program on Empower radio, interviews Paul Selig, asking, among other things, "How does someone go from being an NYU teacher, academic and published playwright to a highly sought after channel/empath?"